Before any undertaking, it is imperative that a man or woman AIM at the point of emphasis. Knowing and understanding what the AIM is will allow a person to do a better quality of work over a longer period of time, more work gets done quicker, and your creative ideas flow easier.

Where are you going?

How are you going to get there?

Why are you going there?

How bad do you want it?

All of these would be considered reasonable questions, worthy of entertaining, but not one can be addressed if the individual does not AIM. You have got to AIM at what you want to hit.


You cannot hit a target you do not AIM at. You cannot AIM at a target you cannot see!

Aim. To aim is to point at your purpose with unbridled intent. What is it that you want? What is it that you desire to accomplish? Have you narrowed your focus? Are you intentionally aiming? What is it that you want to make happen in your life? In your family? In your career? You must take AIM. AIM!

A – AUDACITY. Audacity is a boldness or daring arrogance, a confident disregard for personal safety or potential challenges. Have the AUDACITY to believe it can be done, and the AUDACITY to believe you can do it. Have the AUDACITY to do it when everybody else is making excuses or advising you against it. Do it! Do it with style and fearlessness. Do it with grit, do it with tenacity. Take AIM, fill yourself with a courageously audacious temper and do it.

I – INTROSPECT. Introspect is looking and developing from within. Reading books on business does not make you a businessman. Listening to tips on driving will not make you a skilled driver. Development and excellence come from within. Opportunity knocks on doors of preparation and deliberately developing as an individual qualifies you for the opportunity when it comes knocking. This is something only you can do. Find all the hesitation holding you back. Find all the strength lying dormant within. Find all origins of doubt within then strangle the sheesh out of em! Spend time shining the search light in the backyard of the soul, locating the hindering potholes we keep spraining our progressively productive ankles of potential in. Fill the holes. Spend time alone in deep thought — creating a rich environment for personal growth and creativity by turning within yourself. Periodically practice the process of healthy self-reflection and expectation, examination of goals, and exploration of skill sets.

M – MENTAL MAGNIFICATION. The most important of the aiming process. Mental magnification. How far away is the target? How big does it look in your mind? The distance will prevent accuracy, so the more you know about distance and the truth of the objective can enable the magnification of the target in your mind. A 6-foot target looks about 3 inches tall at 250 meters away, but when the mind can bring it closer and magnify it because more details are understood, the cross hairs of accomplishment will lock in. You must learn as much as you can about the objective and the distance between you and the target. How will strong wind affect your shot? Will elevation adjustments have to be allowed because of the range of the target? Do you need more time to motivate and prepare yourself? You must AIM and AIMING requires preparation…so remember

You cannot hit a target you do not AIM at, and you cannot AIM at the target you cannot see.