Partner Support

There is nothing more rewarding in nonprofit business than having good partner relationships with other nonprofits, vendors, and for-profit businesses around the world. Why Do You Need Good Relationships? Good relationships: Offer knowledge and support Create new relationship opportunities Develop new opportunities Introduce investment opportunities Improve communication skills Build long term friendships .... just to [...]

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Mr Nathaniel L Roseburrow

We have been blessed with the opportunity to meet Mr. Nathaniel L Roseburrow.   Nathaniel stands among the less fortunate, but he is far from poor. Mr. Roseburrow is richly endowed with shrewd business savvy. He is well-versed, a gifted communicator, and during our interaction, he deliberately created queues to reposition himself to make his [...]

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Have you ever met someone and you immediately knew that there was something different about them? Something unusually special but you just couldn't quite put your finger on it? Meet Sally. Sally is a native of Dallas, a single mother, and she is among the less fortunate that we serve. She shows up when we [...]

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The Unexpected

The plan was written with such detail. The outlines were double-checked for accuracy and clarity. We got a headcount of the volunteers that would be on board with the project. All systems were go. Until this happened. The unexpected The Unexpected Cars break down and costly repairs are needed. People take sick, get married, get [...]

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Design Thinking

How do you eat an elephant? Wait....who would want to eat an elephant? The historical analogy is in relation to tackling a large, daunting task. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Essentially, what it is saying is that the best way to tackle a problematic inevitable would be to break [...]

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Wall of Champions

M25:35 is not only committed to servicing the homeless community, we advocate for the re-establishment of homeless individuals into economic independence and self-sustainability. We are not intending to "only feed" homeless people because to a degree, that alone would never present them with the avenues of growth and development needed to come out of those [...]

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It Takes Discipline

M25:35 is a strong team founded on cooperative team effort and #commitment. A base of believers that do it as unto the Lord, every time.  We cannot do it without Him. From every leader to every volunteer, we submit to God, #humbling ourselves, #understanding that "all other ground is sinking sand, on Christ the SOLID [...]

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Community Friends During COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic. internationally recognized and globally respected as the single most impressive catastrophe to affect society in the last 100 years. It has affected day-to-day life and is slowing the global economy astronomically, leaving financial analysts reacting without the ability to calculate the consequential mathematics of their reaction. This pandemic has affected thousands of [...]

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