There is nothing more rewarding in nonprofit business than having good partner relationships with other nonprofits, vendors, and for-profit businesses around the world.

Why Do You Need Good Relationships?

Good relationships:

  • Offer knowledge and support
  • Create new relationship opportunities
  • Develop new opportunities
  • Introduce investment opportunities
  • Improve communication skills
  • Build long term friendships

…. just to name a few things. The support we have received from places like HIM Center Mansfield, For Oakcliff, and YoungLife has offered us the encouragement we need to push harder towards growth, and given us the wisdom to understand why supporting others is so important.

Meet Our New Friends

Most recently, we have made new friends in Faith in Action Warehouse, a division of Baylor Scott & White that helps underdeveloped countries by repurposing used medical supplies enabling them to build medical care facilities where their economic disadvantage would have prevented it.

Chad Butler, Ms. LeAnn, and a hand full of other volunteers spend hours at the warehouse sorting medical supplies and getting them ready for shipment to areas of greatest need.

This small team makes a big impact !!

M25:35 was able to distribute over 100 blankets that were provided by Faith in Action Warehouse this past weekend and they have already let us know that they would like to do more to help the mission along.

We are excited to have them partners and as friends and we appreciate all they do to repair areas that have been broken for far too long.