Just before any severe or unpredictable weather changes, M25:35 decided to add more normalcy to a very prevalent degree of discomfort.

We often take out home e-cooked meals to provide healthy nourishment to their already difficult lives, hoping to build connections that enable us to offer further assistance such as reading comprehension classes, tutorials in interview processes, and minor medical care.


This time out, we prepared the meals right there in the heart of Downtown Dallas. M25 and all the hardworking volunteers brought out food, griddles, grills, and elbow grease to prepare BBQ meals for the homeless population and have dinner there with them.

This idea was put in place for two reasons:

  1. It gave the volunteers a break from packaging and transporting hot food, allowing us to save on containers and they did not have to get up as early. They have been faithful to this service for about two years and there are some mornings when it’s not as easy to get going as you would think, but they keep going  – not complaints, not quitting.
  2. It allowed us time to sit with them and eat right out there in the elements. Feel what it’s like to gobble your food down postured on a cement couch that will not give. They opened up and many of the stories we heard would blow your mind.

Here are some snapshots from the cookout and we would like to do another one in the near future. Whatever M25 endeavors, we cannot do it without your help. Would you give to this mission and help us, help them? Let your contribution reassure you that greater work is being done, and you are a part of it.