We have been blessed with the opportunity to meet Mr. Nathaniel L Roseburrow.


Nathaniel stands among the less fortunate, but he is far from poor.

Mr. Roseburrow is richly endowed with shrewd business savvy. He is well-versed, a gifted communicator, and during our interaction, he deliberately created queues to reposition himself to make his pitch.

Such sagacious business sense.

Men like these are surely the reason we are encouraged to never judge a book by its cover. We ask Mr. Roseburrow if it would be ok to add him as a featured friend in our nonprofit updates and his response was, “I want publishing rights. We would have to sign a contract”.

Taught us a thing or two about being so giving when it comes to business. While the nonprofit organization is a charitable business, there is no way we could conduct the charity without properly handling the business.

This is something Mr. Roseburrow reminded us of. This is where our donors and charitable donations from friends come into play. He showed us his online information for his small business effort named, Space-Age Laces.

Others were scoffing at his work when he was sharing, but his creativity and thought-out business structure was enough to persuade us that this young man will be alright. Space Age Laces alone is his effort to outrun the homelessness he is currently experiencing.

We tell about more of the resilient heroes we learn and love from the work we do in the Central Texas area in our published book, “The Start-Up Playbook“. Experiencing something “right now”, does not mean that’s the final destination for the rest of their lives.

As much as we have the strength to do and whatever we are able to do, we will do with all our might.

Will you help us? Will you help Mr. Nathaniel Roseburrow? Contact to learn ways you can help.