Have you ever met someone and you immediately knew that there was something different about them?

Something unusually special but you just couldn’t quite put your finger on it?

Meet Sally.

Sally is a native of Dallas, a single mother, and she is among the less fortunate that we serve. She shows up when we arrive on-site and ask if there is anything she can help with. Sally is a bundle of joy. The M25 street mentors take time to counsel her and encourage her. We have grown to care so much about this young lady and what happens with her.

Life on the streets is painful and dangerous. Most times, the attitudes towards homelessness would pridefully assume that everyone out there could have made better decisions.

I that always the case? No, not at all. Some are there because jobs shut down and never reopened during the pandemic. Some wound up homeless when landlords raised the rent beyond what would be considered reasonable or fair.

Yes, there are some people living in a state of homelessness because of drug addictions and other poor choices nevertheless, they are our fellowmen. We share a common humanity and sweet smiles like Sally’s encourage us to keep doing what we do.

“Thanks Sally”

And thank you to our friend and sister Layllen Sawyer. Layllen is an international motivational speaker and MBA-toting John Maxwell Certified Coach. Her passion in life is to empower others to live their best lives. She empowers others to master their mindset and transform their lives.

Layllen decided to join the M25 this week and do her part in the work. We are so excited to have her, and to have the strength to do work like this!

If you would like to volunteer or contribute, you can reach out to us through our email, inbox, or make donations through our contributions page.