The COVID-19 Pandemic. internationally recognized and globally respected as the single most impressive catastrophe to affect society in the last 100 years. It has affected day-to-day life and is slowing the global economy astronomically, leaving financial analysts reacting without the ability to calculate the consequential mathematics of their reaction. This pandemic has affected thousands of peoples, who are either sick or are being killed due to the spread of this disease, not to mention their grieving families suffering from the pains of their demise, but also from the heartbreaking imposition of social distancing that prevents a respectable funeral gathering.

This COVID-19 has affected the sources of supply and affects the global economy. There are restrictions on traveling from one country to another country, and more demanding requirements being put in place regarding future travel requirements. Families have fallen apart. Small and big businesses have gone bankrupt. The teachers and educators have shifted to virtual learning, adopting and adapting relentlessly under massive mounds of pressure and demanding timelines. But despite all their efforts to maintain, the students are still feeling the recourse of not assembling in class and being physically accountable to their instructors and peer group. Where they are sustaining academically, they are deteriorating in social skill development by this painful separation.

Doctors and nurses are working long, drudging hours in an attempt to provide health services and respond to the understaffed, but overpopulated hospitals and care facilities. The list goes on and on. Shelters that are in place to offer relief from the elements to the critical homeless community were forced to move back to 60% capacity. Picture this, if a shelter has 1000 people sleeping there every day when the pandemic hit, 400 of them had to go. Go where? Who knows? That is why we want to do all we can to bring a degree of relief to their weary lives and grief-stricken worlds by providing hot food and hygiene products as often as possible and to the extent we have resources available. Your contribution helps immensely, thank you. We always encourage a gift of $5 a month to aid the effort and help fund the mission. Thank you.

With everyone facing their share of hardships, it’s hard to imagine many people having the time to show up, let alone showing up from long distances, but they have. They do. Our friends come and support us.  It serves as encouragement and motivates the volunteers when people close to them come and have a hand in the labor. Our friends showed up, and they continue to show up. Thank you

We just wanted to write to let you know how much we appreciate the positive influence you’ve had on this mission. Thank you for your concern and all your willingness to work! We are forever grateful. We are incredibly fortunate to have friends like you. Consider this card a small token of M25 appreciation for the kindness you have shown. Thank you. Thank you all.



Thank You Messages for Friends for Helping