M25:35 is a strong team founded on cooperative team effort and #commitment. A base of believers that do it as unto the Lord, every time.  We cannot do it without Him. From every leader to every volunteer, we submit to God, #humbling ourselves, #understanding that “all other ground is sinking sand, on Christ the SOLID ROCK we stand.”
He built this team and there are 5 consistent #strengths that everyone operates in while doing the work.
  • The team is organized. We adhere to #guidelines, #timelines, and #deadlines. No one crosses the line. We move as an organized unit
  • Each team member #supports each other. When life reminds us of our #frailties, we rush to #comfort one another like white blood cells to a wound. We are a #family, if one hurts, we all hurt. If one celebrates, we all joy in the #celebration. We support each other
  • The team is #flexible. When things happen(and they will), the team knows how to make the adjustments necessary to keep pressing forward and accomplish the goal. Attitudes remain #optimistic and upbeat, willing to #suffer the inconveniences and get it done.
  • The team is diverse. An array of various gifts and #talents, each uniquely significant as the next. We all offer our idiosyncratic #contributions to this mission. Our differences make us…us
  • We communicate clearly and respectfully. This ensures tasks are carried out without question or hesitation. It also keeps us at peace with one another, reinforcing team cohesiveness. M25
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This is what we do and how we do it for every service visit. We do as unto the Lord and we do it for those that we are sent to. All that you contribute to this mission makes it possible for us to continue doing it. Such an honor to be given the opportunity to serve the Lord and give to our brothers and sister the things the Lord is blessing them with. We are M25-35.org, a 501C-3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing essentials to the critical homeless community of the Dallas-Fort Worth area and surrounding regions. Our chief aim is to be pleasing, serving from a kind heart willingly, and doing what we can to provide solutions when possible.
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