Yes! It’s Some FUN and DANCING

YES, there is a jam-packed program filled with phenomenal talents and more details about the organization, the purpose is to raise awareness and raise money. The 1st Annual Charity Dinner event will be the first of many we pray. Informing the community of how severe the impact of our homeless epidemic is in the Dallas Metroplex and surrounding regions is necessary to their involvement. Their suffering affects all of our lives.


What Else is It?

It also provides us with the opportunity to come up with creative solutions for those that want to escape from this dreadful condition. Therefore, we will indeed have an event like this one annually in it be the Lord’s will.
Why? Well, because an annual campaign sets the tone and temper for everyone when it comes to giving, that’s one reason. Along with that, annual fundraisers are crucial¬†for nonprofit sustainability and fundraising success in that:
  • 1. They establish regular giving habits for your donors.
  • 2. They provide regular revenue for your organization.
  • 3. They help build a contact list for the organization, establishing relationships through trusting transparency.
  • 4. They set an expected frequency for the annual event and encourage donors to increase their contributions each year.

What is It All For?

Annual fundraising is just that, an event designed to raise awareness and generate the revenue necessary to further the work of the mission.

With that said, “COME ON OUT”

Get your tickets and come on out.
Come out and dance. Yes, come on out and have dinner, but by all means, come on out and donate. Get your tickets. See you there