We would like to take this time to tell everyone a little about our first Charity Fundraiser Dinner. If there has ever been a time that your organization needs to exercise the flexibility necessary for scheduling, planning, and preparing for an event, this is it.

Menus had to be changed

Vendor selections got canceled.

The Emcee, Michael Guinn, was notified at the last minute, but he came through and did a spectacular service. Thank you

We had to find out the best way to keep the food warm. What would be the most economically efficient means of having professional servers? Music? Videography?

So many out-of-town visitors came to share the evening with us, and there was no way we could not make accommodations to welcome them warmly. We had guests that traveled as far as Chicago, Illinois, bringing their organization’s key people, offering services to assist with the program and the street mission to the critical homeless in the Dallas area.

We could not have done this without you all. Thank you. Our guests, our volunteers, the staff, the venue owners, everyone – thank you.

You can help us continue the work of the ministry by meeting us downtown on Sunday mornings at 9 am, the corner of Corsicana & Ervay, to help us serve.

You can spread the word about what we do as an organization; that would help tremendously.

Feel free to visit the donations page on the website to contribute much-needed funding to our mission as we commit to doing all we can for the City of Dallas, the poor, and humanity.